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Design Code Assessment

To the unfamiliar, design codes often appear daunting, vague, long, and difficult to interpret. It is common for engineers who have experience in structural analysis to struggle to apply a design code correctly if they have not encountered it before.

The value that EASL bring is our understanding of the background to a code’s content and experience of “turning the handle” on the approaches many times before. We have a good feel for the plausibility of the results based on our database of previous work.

With our wealth of knowledge for design code assessment, we have a great deal of existing experience to provide quick turn arounds to our clients. With guaranteed success from engineer’s familiar with the design code process, we can offer a cost effective service, allowing a client to benefit from our expertise.

What is Design Code Assessment?

A design code is a document that sets rules for the material selection, design, manufacture, commissioning, testing and in some cases operation of a structural component or system. They are often a collection of practical operational, theoretical and experimental knowledge and experience.

As such, they are living documents subject to continual review and refinement. They are more regulatory than other forms of guidance commonly used. Factors such as the safety significance of the component, intended function and duty and country of operation influence the design code required to be used in a particular situation.

Changes to design codes can affect both designs for future builds and existing structures. Whilst the regulations may change as a result of recent research in materials, or through new industrial experience, alteration may or may not be required to existing structures that were previously design code compliant.

Using an expert in current and past design codes such as EASL can provide a client with assurance and a clear view of what action is required following on from a design code assessment.

EASL’s Design Code Assessment Services

EASL have experience with many major current and superseded British, American and European design codes, with particular expertise in:

  • ASME III (Rules for Construction of Nuclear Facility Components)
  • PD 5500 (Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels)
  • ASME B31 (Code for Pressure Piping)
  • BS EN 13480 (Metallic Industrial Piping)
  • BS 806 (Ferrous Piping Systems)
  • BS 5950 (Structural use of Steelwork in Buildings)
  • Industry specific specialist codes such as R5 and R6 dealing with creep, creep-fatigue and fracture in high temperatures for example

EASL can advise clients on the correct choice of design code for a given application. We have the capability to demonstrate whether new design proposals are code compliant and, if not, what design modifications are required in order to achieve code compliance.

We can also undertake assessment of existing components which may have been designed to superseded design codes or have been modified in some way requiring demonstration that compliance with a particular or new design code has been maintained.

EASL’s historic relationship and experience with design codes make us experts in design code assessment, and some of the best in the industry for providing clear, trusted consultancy regarding changes and compliance to the latest standards.


If you’d like to find out more about Design Code Assessment, or see what service EASL can provide to you, we’re more than happy to discuss your needs in our contact section.

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