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Expert Review

In highly regulated industries, including nuclear, petrochemical and defence, it is no surprise that safety, and therefore structural integrity, is of paramount concern. Whether for regulatory compliance, design code or safety case preparation, or even expert witness statement in industrial investigation, reliable, impartial third party review provides an invaluable service.

Checking systems, structures and components (SSCs), EASL’s expertise in integrity assessment allows us to offer highly specialised expert technical review to clients. We can deliver a wide range of expert review services, presenting a clear, trustworthy and cost effective service specific to our client’s needs.

What is Expert Review?

Expert review is a way for stakeholders to receive assurance or independent advice regarding the structure integrity of plant, components, systems or structures. Should the continued structural integrity of plant, components, systems or structures be of paramount importance, any critical assessment will undergo multiple levels of review.

These can typically include:

  • A self-check by the originator
  • Mentor checking
  • Independent verification to an agreed quality grade
  • Approval prior to issue to the client or end-user.

The end-user may then conduct a technical review to ensure that work meets their needs and fully addresses all of the original aims of the work.  When the client or end-user is competent to do so this can include a review of the technical approach to the work, including the methods employed, the software used, the derivation of appropriate acceptance criteria and judgements about the adequacy of any margins demonstrated or claimed.

Within the nuclear industry or within other highly regulated industries the work may be subject to further independent assessment by the operator or license holder.  The work may be reviewed by the insurance assessor or by the regulator, or it may be peer reviewed on their behalf.

EASL’s Expert Review Service

EASL can conduct a detailed independent analysis and assessment of an entire problem, taking an independent approach using different methods of analysis and/or different assessment tools and software to provide a fully independent and diverse solution demonstrating agreement in order to provide confidence in the original assessment findings.  And if the findings don’t agree, it could be important to drill down into the details to understand why.

It may be necessary for EASL to independently verify or peer check a piece of work conducted by one of a client’s own engineers. In other instances, you might require us to conduct a detailed, independent technical audit of a sample of a much larger body of work in order to confirm that the correct procedures and processes are being followed.

Previous work has seen us conduct independent technical assessments, reviewing whether the methods of structural integrity assessment used are the most appropriate.  This is a high level review of the methods and standards used but does not involve detailed review of the work actually carried out.

Often, clients may not have the in-house technical resources available, however, are required to demonstrate a high degree of independence to the regulator. In these cases, EASL work closely with clients whilst maintaining our technical independence to deliver a solution that specifically fits their needs.


With many years’ experience of structural integrity analysis and assessment, we can apply our expert knowledge and skills to any of these reviews. Our solutions focussed approach means that we take in the whole context and purpose of our work, rather than just completing a task, we strive to go the extra mile to provide the very best to clients.

The extent and detail of any such review can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.  If you’d like to find out about our previous work, or discuss how EASL can help with your needs, take a look below at our case studies or contact us to find out more.