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Peer Review

When dealing with technical calculations, highly specialised software and structures with significant safety or commercial consequences, reassurance and trust are crucial to providing confidence. Whether this is verifying or validating processes undertaken by internal and third party companies for commercial purposes, or reviewing academic research, EASL’s peer review service helps ensure quality and reliability.

Our technical peer reviews bring the wealth of knowledge and expertise for which EASL is known to our clients for finding the very best solutions and assurance. No matter the size of results or work carried out, our highly trained team including all levels from graduates to PhDs will work with you to deliver clear, honest advice from an impartial point of view.

Should a client require engineering peer review, either as a statutory or regulatory requirement, or to ensure the best possible results, EASL can provide the expertise for the job.

What is Peer Review?

When developing a process or procedure, producing a safety case, analysing or assessing structural integrity, it is possible for defects or human error to occur. This can be within the calculations, the software used or even the approach taken. Technical peer review in engineering is a clearly defined process that aims to discover and remove defects as soon as possible. By using a clear quality procedure and efficiently assigning a team of peers, this risk can be significantly reduced.

Depending on the context and purpose for carrying out work, participants can bring vested interests or particular perspectives that can also effect the direction taken for providing results. All potential aspects for defects or ineffective working are inspected as part of a peer review, and delivers a clear insight into such potential concerns.

The nature of peer inspections vary with the scope or significance of failure, however, using EASL’s high developed and agile review system, we can provide clients with the right engineers for an efficient and cost effective method.

EASL’s Peer Review Service

EASL can provide an independent expert review of any technical work within our service areas. This service is designed to support clients who need to assess the technical validity and sufficiency of work carried out by other service providers.

The scope of peer review is flexible, however such reviews typically focus on the technical content of the work at a relatively high level, rather than re-verifying the work, reviewing the appropriateness of the key assumptions made and the type of calculations carried out, the tools and technical standards used.

  • The significance of the work, and the likely consequences of getting it wrong, particularly in regard to safety.
  • The qualifications/experience of the persons producing the work.
  • Any specific issues known to the client or reviewer with particular relevance to the work under consideration, for example knowledge of other related work which is ongoing, knowledge of previous relevant failures or errors, or newly developed knowledge.
  • Regulatory or statutory requirements.

Peer review can consider whether appropriate QA procedures have been followed in the production of the work, and whether there has been adequate verification.

This work enables the client to understand any assumptions or caveats applying to the work and to provide awareness of the limits of its application. More generally, the inspection should enable the client to gauge whether the work is fit for purpose, in terms of the proposed application.


EASL can provide a range of technical peer review possibilities. Using our highly developed quality management system, we can provide clients with the most appropriate and experienced engineers for the job. With decades of experience providing independent technical inspections, we’re experts at giving clients a clear peace of mind, and an insight into their current work processes.

Peer reviews provide an invaluable service for detecting potential and existing defects within an engineering process.

If you’d like to find out more about our previous work, take a look below at our case studies. If you’d like to find out more about our related services, take a look below at our solutions and other services. To see how EASL can help with your peer review needs, get in touch through our contact section.

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